Feeding my addiction — MtG

One of my little not-so-serious hobbies — Magic: the Gathering (a collectible card game).

This is my home-made MtG playing table – with a help of several more-serious-than-me MtG players it has happened and now the table has gone to our local hobby shop D6 as a gift.




Life counters

In progress

MtG table

In game

5 Responses to “Feeding my addiction — MtG”

  1. Katinas says:

    Man patinka.
    Išbandžiau – nuostabiai patogu ir gražu. ^_^

  2. Ringo says:

    Really impressed with your table. I was just searching to see if anyone has made any magic tables because recently I’ve been building some of my own.

    • Monika says:

      Thank you, I’m very pleased to hear that ,)
      I would love to see your table as well, so drop me a line when it’s finished!

  3. Rasa says:

    Ar klystu, ar aš jį mačiau?

    • Monika says:

      Tikrai matei ,)
      Čia buvo vienas smagesnių mano projektų. Atsimenu, tik pabaigus turėjome su Deniu trumpą diskusiją tema “o gal mes niekam jo neatiduodam” ,D

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