Castelli di Rabbia

These dark and silent nights…

Black night is falling
The sun is gone to bed

All the love above

when the snow is no longer falling with that perfect sound…

The innocent are dreaming
As you should sleepy-head

I send into you

while listening to “Scatterheart” by Björk… and silently whispering:

There is comfort
Right in the eye
Of the hurricane
Just. to. make. it. easier. on. you.

Comfort and protection

“He was a genius of glass for many years now, like was his father, like was his father’s father, who was the first in the family to sent his peasant father to hell, and set off to learn the beautiful art of producing this magical stone, spiritless and colorless stone, stone, that had neither name nor past, stone, which he called glass”.

I'll watch over you

I am dreaming…

But don't ask me

Sleepy-head, sleepy-head

What's gonna happen next

…dreaming about a beautiful castle.

I know the future

My little crystal palace. Handmade, given to me already a long long time ago.

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