Photo A Day: Week Sixteen

Monday: Femme

Tuesday: Taking a bath

Wednesday: Secret passage

Thursday: Everyone is golden

Friday: Art victim

Saturday: Inevitable

Sunday: Creature x2

4 Responses to “Photo A Day: Week Sixteen”

  1. Kiast says:

    Beware of the creatures of the kitchen table!

  2. Mugenjin says:

    Cor! If my dismal vision serves, the Friday photo attests to a beautifully gruelling and painfully meticulous amount of care You bestowed upon Misaki-chan’s dragonfly box. Thank you so much!

    • Monika says:

      Oh, you’re definitely gonna pass that creative writing course.
      About a box: I’m just glad you liked it ,)
      I’m planning to post some photos of it here soon.

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