About Collecting beautiful objects

It all started with…

I am collecting Beautiful Objects. A pair of shoes, some glasses, a telephone, a typewriter. They are made of wood and felt. Their apparent stitches and finished appearances make them seem delicate and friendly. They are quiet. Stephanie made them and I will expose them in an exhibition. There is a red felt blanket with large white stitches; wild animals dance across it. (from The Science of Sleep)


About me

My head is full of love and song lyrics.
My heart is full of photographs, drawings and paintings, illustrations and etchings.
I like to create things.
I’m passionate to try all the crafts I can get my hands on.


Conversely I’m doing my master’s degree in quantitative finance.
This means that the other side of my head is filled with formulas, statistical distributions and time series.
This also means that one of my common crafts is writing code.


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