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Red thread of fate


In the falling snow

Now the snow lies on the ground and more snow is descending upon it — Patches of red dirt hold together the old snow patches This is winter — rosettes of leather-green leaves by the old fence and bare trees marking the sky — This is winter winter, winter leather-green leaves spearshaped in the falling […]

You’re chasing Dragonflies at play

This is for jul* And for the rest of you: yes, I’m still alive, just busy as hell ,) Hope to get back in here in a month or so.

Southern Comfort

Sometimes it happens so that one of our friends goes far far away. What do we do at times like this? We give him a notebook and a few envelopes with our addresses and hope that he will write us letters. Bye bye, Ignas, we’ll miss you.

16 ways to wrap-up a tea-candle

it’s still winter winter winter. the time of gifts.

Finally. All my winter season presents are delivered. Yes, it took a while. And now it’s time to share them.