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I fell in love with the seaside

Do you want to go to the seaside? I’m not trying to say that everybody wants to go I fell in love at the seaside I handled my charm with time and slight of hand Handmade pencil box – a birthday preset for a girl from the seaside.

African flower. Elven unicorn

Vampires: they’re all around me

I’ve just read “Empire V” by Victor Pelevin. I’ve just got a vampire thematic MtG deck. Recently I’ve been enjoying “True Blood”. Now I’ve made a vampire card deck box for a friend who is quite a VtES enthusiast. These days are all about vampires. Who would have thought? Anyway, here is the box:

Feeding my addiction — MtG


One of my little not-so-serious hobbies — Magic: the Gathering (a collectible card game). This is my home-made MtG playing table – with a help of several more-serious-than-me MtG players it has happened and now the table has gone to our local hobby shop D6 as a gift.

Pink is for Kęstas

it’s still winter winter winter. the time of gifts.

Finally. All my winter season presents are delivered. Yes, it took a while. And now it’s time to share them.