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Weekend inspirations

Some photos of my recent summer sewing project.

Photo A Day: Week Twenty Eight

Misaki-chan’s dragonfly box

  I have a dear friend who has this passion of creating wonderful tabletop games. This is just a little gift for him to keep his work in.

You’re chasing Dragonflies at play

This is for jul* And for the rest of you: yes, I’m still alive, just busy as hell ,) Hope to get back in here in a month or so.

Feeding my addiction — MtG


One of my little not-so-serious hobbies — Magic: the Gathering (a collectible card game). This is my home-made MtG playing table – with a help of several more-serious-than-me MtG players it has happened and now the table has gone to our local hobby shop D6 as a gift.

Pink is for Kęstas