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Photo A Day: Week Four

You’re chasing Dragonflies at play

This is for jul* And for the rest of you: yes, I’m still alive, just busy as hell ,) Hope to get back in here in a month or so.

it’s still winter winter winter. the time of gifts.

Finally. All my winter season presents are delivered. Yes, it took a while. And now it’s time to share them.

Colorful lights

My New Year started with home-made glass lanterns… Love to you all, have a good year, m.

Midsummer’s Night Dream


This smell of rain… White roses, candlelight and fragrant smoke of incense remind me of my last summer’s nights and wonderful xxxHolic. The only thing that I’m missing is a lot butterflies (yes, xxxHolic was the first reason for my little obsession with them). And this time they are small and delicate, and this time […]

Candy mountain

candy mountain

It took me five days, four supermarkets and two ruined milk chocolate bars to make these… But it was totally worth it: the taste is wonderful. Home-made Bounty. And I just love making candy wrappers by myself . Thanks to Jule for the recipe (I hope one day she will post it on Kepykla nr. […]