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Whispers in the Twilight

2013-07-31 -5

Scars in the country, the summer and her

2013-07-13 -0

Weekend inspirations

Some photos of my recent summer sewing project.


…and the living is sweet. Recipe from Kepykla Nr. 5

Butterfly Princess

Love letter from France

Summertime… and the living is easy, fish are jumping and the cotton is high… The best thing when you get home from your busy travels is to find the most beautiful postcard from your travelling friend waiting in the postbox. I love you, Jul, it’s wonderful! Happy holidays everyone.

When the Cicadas Cry

Blue blood

Q: What’s inside the blue envelope?.. A: DVD cover for the most exciting horror anime I’ve seen so far – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Pencil, watercolors and glass deco.